Welcome to the Pinoy’s Guide to Taiwan

Thank you for visiting the The Pinoy’s Guide To Taiwan. In this blog, you’ll be reading on how to go around Taiwan, where to eat (cheap, chinese food, filipino foods), places to buy your pasalubong, where to find the nearest Filipino store and other tips on how to survive in Taiwan.

Where exactly is Taiwan? If you look at the Map of the of Asia, Taiwan is the leaf-shaped island just north of the Philippines.

Taiwan quick tip: In Mandarin, Pei (or Bei) means North. Dong means East. Nan means South. Si (or Xi) means West. So TaiPei is the Taiwan City at the North. TaiDong is the Taiwan City at the East. TaiNan is in the South. You may encounter these four “words” from time to time, like, there are roads named BeiDa, DongDa, NanDa and Xida. There are also towns named ChuPei, ChuNan and ChuDong. Easy enough? Not really… not all places describe which where it is, but it’s a start.

Till my next post… Enjoy Taiwan…