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A Feast For The Eyes – Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Places

A Feast For The Eyes – Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Places

Visiting Taiwan? You should know to go to the areas that makes Taiwan one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For that, we have conducted a list here so it would be easy for you to look at. Treat this as if it was your bucket list when you finally arrive in Taiwan yourself. Start scheduling so you can visit each and every single one of these places so you can see just how beautiful they are for yourself. At least if you don’t take our own word for it, then you can actually see them yourself and make your own opinions of whether these beautiful places are actually beautiful or if they were just overhyped.

Without further ado, here are Taiwan’s most beautiful places.

Lungteng Bridge

This bridge is made of bricks and is what used to help citizens connect to other cities back in the early 1900s. But because of an earthquake, it broke down is now one of the most historical things still standing erect to this day. The best part is that every April it gets surrounded by White Tung Flowers.

Double Heart of Stacked Stones

These are ancient stone fish traps that are naturally preserved and shaped like double hearts on top of one another. They foil the turquoise and clear water.

Duo-Liang Station

A railway station that has stopped its services long ago but is settled right next to the beach where it can overlook the Pacific Ocean and is also surround by mountains and bushes. This is what you call OP for a tourist spot.

A Lang Yi Old Path

This is an old trade path back in the day when indigenous people would walk on when travelling. It passes through beautiful streams that endangered animals such as the Chelonia mydas turtles live on. It gives you views to pure azure skies, the lapping waves of the shores and vibrant plants that surround the paved path.


This is an area with plenty of paddy fields that cultivate rice and such. It is surround by mountainous hills, turquoise lakes and flatlands.

The Beitou Public Library

I like to imagine that this is an ancient library that has books about magic and such that only the secret society would be allowed to enter and browse through. Why? Because this lovely library is in the woods. You would have to go through a forest before you find it and it’s a wonderful experience.

Ho Ping Island

A well-maintained ecosystem with blue skies and white clouds. This is what happens if a group of people with good intentions do their best to preserve what Mother Nature has generously give to us. Ho Ping Island is what you get. Make it one of your stops after you are done with everywhere else, yea?