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Experience the Colourful Festivals in Taiwan

Experience the Colourful Festivals in Taiwan

Taiwan is a shining jewel of East Asia. It’s a state filled with ultramodern wonders, beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritages, and friendly people. But the sights, attractions, food, and people are not the only elements that make Taiwan a world-class tourist destination. Taiwan’s different festivals, celebrated with extreme fervour and passion, are some of the must-experience events that visitors must experience.

Most of the religious and cultural festivals follow the Chinese lunar calendar. Thus their corresponding dates in the Gregorian calendar have the tendency to fluctuate each year. Here are some of the festivals that you should experience when you’re visiting Taiwan.

Chinese New Year 

Celebrated in the lunar month of January and signalling the start of the Chinese year, the Chinese New Year is no less than the most important festival of Taiwan. Everywhere in Taiwan, there are fireworks extravaganzas. Families gather together for lavish meals and give gifts to each other. Friends and colleagues exchange lucky money placed in small envelopes. The streets come alive with colours, music, and revelry as fairs, parties, and parades are held.

Lantern Festival

Following the Chinese New Year on the same month is the Lantern Festival. Glowing is an understatement when describing this event. As the name of the event implies, the Lantern Festival involves lighting thousands of beautiful, colourful lanterns. In some areas, paper lanterns are launched and floated into the sky. Loud and vibrant fireworks contests abound.

Dragon Boat Festival

Celebrated on June, the colourful and exciting Dragon Boat Festival captures the hearts of sportsmen. Dragon boat races participated by both local and international athletes are held in many areas around Taiwan. Thousands of fans stand by bridges and the banks of rivers to cheer for their favourite dragon boat team. You can also check out the exhibits of folks arts and crafts, food stalls, and parties that line up on the streets during the festival.

Harvest Festival

This is a seven-day celebration that is observed on the months of July, August, and September each year. Ethnic groups and farmers in Taiwan harvest crops, bake moon cakes, and give thanks to their ancestors and gods. These tributes are observed through rituals. After the rituals, families gather together to eat dinner, dance, and play games together. If possible, go to the countryside to experience an authentic Harvest Festival.