Getting Around Taiwan – Taxi

There are a number of ways to get around Taiwan:

A. The dependable (but costly) Yellow Taxi Cab
B. The cheap city bus
C. The Taiwan Railways
D. The Taiwan High Speed Railway
A. The dependable (but costly) Yellow Taxi Cab

As with almost anywhere in the world, the Yellow Taxi Cab offers the most flexible and comfortable way of moving from one place to another. You can flag down a taxi virtually anywhere. And, you can almost always ask the nearest information desk or security guard to get a taxi for you. So how much does it cost? It differs from city to city. The most expensive, from my experience, is in Hsin Chu City, where the current flag down rate is NT$100 (about $3.12 or Php127). It is much cheaper in KaohSiung – NT$80. Here’s a summary of the fees:

  • An additional NT$5 is added ever 250m
  • An additional NT$5 is added every two minutes if you make your taxi wait.
  • There is a different rate table during Chinese New Year (the taxi driver will show this to you) – it is more expensive!
  • There is an additional 20% extra fare if you ride the taxi between 11:00PM – 6:00AM

That’s the price of convenience.

Quick Taiwan Tip: If you do not speak Mandarin, a business card is very
handy. Not your business card, but the business card of the place you want to visit. There are equivalent chinese names for most of the “english-named” places, and most often, the cab driver does not speak english. For example, the golden arches McDonald’s is called Mai Dang Lao. So asking the cab driver to drive you to “McDonalds” will get you
nowhere. The Ambassador Hotel (?????), for example, also has a chinese name (and no, it does not sound like AM-BA-SA-DOR). This is where the business cards come in handy. Normally, there is a chinese version on the other side of the english version on most business cards. So just show the business card to the cab driver (the chinese side), do a little gesture that you want to go that place (or maybe you actually want to go somewhere near to that place), and off you go!

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter is not your average tourist. He is a lover of tourism! This website is dedicated to his love for all things Taiwan. Ten years ago, he left his native USA and set out to trek as far as Asia and to many major Asian cities but ended up loving Taiwan. The beauty of the island and its rich cultural history are what drive Scott's passion even more to help others experience a memorable stay in Taiwan. This tourist is here to stay.