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How to Budget Family Trips

How to Budget Family Trips

Hi everyone, I’m Russ Handler, did you know that budgeting family trips is becoming more and more of an issue these days and I’m going to have some advice on doing that for you right now.

It’s really simple. First of all, budget your trip far in advance. Let’s say you’re planning a family vacation to Florida, first thing you need to do is decide if you want to fly or drive. Do the math. Find out what your tickets are going to cost to fly, what your gas will cost you in today’s current market to drive and consider the fact that you’ll need to get a lot done to your vehicle before you can take a long trip.

So budgeting is very important in that respect. Begin to put your money away long in advance. Make the kids and everyone even the animals if they’re going to be going, participate. By perhaps, putting a bit of their allowance in a little vacation fund. That’s always helpful for some extra cash. But for the real issues, make sure you don’t throw your cash down until you shop around.

Shop around for your hotels. Call in advance to see if they have any specials. Utilize all of your Triple A discounts and make sure that whatever you do, you book far in advance either for a rental car, aircraft or hotels so that you can get the best rate. Don’t be afraid to haggle with hotels and airlines when possible.

I’m Russ Handler and that’s how you do it.