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Is It A Good Idea To Travel Solo In Taiwan?

Is It A Good Idea To Travel Solo In Taiwan?

Feel like travelling to Taiwan solo-style? Then what are you waiting for? Not only is it perfectly allowed to go alone, it is also very much secure and safe to do so. Taiwan is an amazing country so many friendly people and beautiful places to stop by to ogle at. Not to mention the FOOD.

Yes, for all of you foodies out there, Taiwan is big on food too so you’re in luck.

Ah but we aren’t here to talk about our love of food, are we? We’re here because we’re going to discuss the reasons why you should go to Taiwan solo-style.

It is perfectly safe there

First of all, Taiwan is one of the highest ranked safest countries in the world. You will find yourself feeling safe when you travel alone and at night. Being careful is, of course, a given, but at least you won’t lose all your hair trying to worry about anyone trying to take advantage of you in Taiwan.

The locals are super nice

You won’t find yourself feeling awkward or shut out if you go to Taiwan. People are friendly and nice towards the tourists. If you ever feel confused about something then don’t hesitate to ask a local for help. They are really helpful. They are extremely polite and friendly, most likely going to help you just beyond your expectations too.

It is easy to get around and it’s very clean

With Taiwan’s much better infrastructure and network of buses and trains, you will find yourself find your way around quite easily. The country itself is also very clean as well as having easy to understand screens displaying the departures in the train stations. Also, as long as you can speak English, basically, you are good to go.

Still, not everything is all sunshine and daisies, unfortunately enough. There are still valid reasons why travelling to Taiwan solo isn’t so ideal.

There is very little English

Admittedly, they aren’t the most English-powerful country in Asia. You might have a hard time talking to the locals so it should be in your best interest to learn even just a bit of their language so you can converse when you need to. This might your travel a little lonely, since you will be alone and won’t be able to converse properly with a local with the language barrier in place.

Not so cheap

It might be challenging for you if you’re a budget solo traveller. If you’re used to the prices in Latin America and Southeast Asia, then you might struggle with your budget in Taiwan. But don’t let all that discourage you though! If there is a will, there is a way, right? If you want to really go to Taiwan alone, then of course you totally can.