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KaohSiung City – The Big City at the South of Taiwan

KaohSiung City – The Big City at the South of Taiwan

KaohSiung City is Taiwan’s second largest City and it’s largest international seaport.If you’re looking for a place in Taiwan with a warm climate, KaohSiung is the place. It also has a lower cost of living compared to the other Cities of Taiwan (lower bus fares and taxi-flag down rates). KaohSiung’s MRT is now partially up and running (I heard there’s a free ride for 1 week
this week!), so getting around would be a breeze! So here’s how to travel to KaohSiung.

There are a number of ways to go to KaohSiung. Here are the options:

  • 1. Railway
  • 2. Bus
  • 3. High Speed Railway

By bus, the trip will take 4-5 hours from Taipei so it’s a long trip – good thing some buses offer very comfortable seats and an LCD screen to watch videos. Anyway, the fastest way to go to KaohSiung is via the High Speed Railway – just an hour and a half from Taipei. To go to KaohSiung (via the HSR), you need to buy a ticket that goes to ZuoYing (??). The ticket is NT$1,490 – well worth it if you like to travel fast. ZuoYing is the last station so you won’t be missing your stop.

After you go outside, you will be greeted by this unusual sculpture by Arman titled Arrete Regarde et Ecoute (Stop, Look and Listen).

Just a few meters from this sculpture is the KaohSiung MRT Station.

The MRT’s still not running now so you’ll just have to take a bus to the city, there’s a bus stop in the same area – the red 301 bus.

This is the only bus that passes on this bus stop, however, this bus goes from SiaoGang (??) to JiaChang and vice versa. You need to take the one that’s on its way to SiaoGang so you should stand on the bus stop with the signboard shown below.

When boarding the bus, ask the driver if it’s going to SiaoGang just to make sure (just ask him “SiaoGang?” if you dont know how to ask in Mandarin). The bus fare is 24NT$ – make sure you have coins ready as you have to drop your coins in the fare box beside the driver.

The trip to downtown KaohSiung will take about 30-45 mins – you know you’re there when you arrive at KaohSiung’s Main Train Station.

On the succeeding posts, I’ll feature the nice places to visit in KaohSiung.