KaohSiung MRT Opens – Free Ride up to April 6!

Now that the KaohSiung MRT Red Line is open, getting around KaohSiung is much much more easier! Everybody’s excited and the ride is free for one month!

Take a look at the Central Park Station of the MRT…

I went to KaohSiung City via the Taiwan High Speed Railway and tried out KaohSiung MRT. There’s a KMRT station near the THSR Zuoyung Station so you wont get lost.

Now,to go to downtown KaohSiung City from the THSR ZuoYing Station (“R16” in the map below), you need to take the train that goes to SiaoGang Station (“R3” in the map below). On my last post, we took the red 301 bus that also goes to SiaoGang Station – it’s the same case, SiaoGang is the final destination for both, but you need to get off the KaohSiung
Main Station (“R11” in the map below).

The train’s comfortable, airconditioning is OK, although there are only a few seats, which are for the elders, the disabled and the kids. I have one complaint though, the train is a bit short. When the train arrived in the platform at ZuoYing Station, I had to run because the train did not stop where I was standing. Either the train is very short, or the platform is very long. I think they should have marked the area where the train would stop (or would not stop).

The map below is the map of the KaohSiung City Main Station. There’s only one exit which should lead you to the bus stops – the same area where the red bus 301 stop.

The KaohSiung MRT red line is free up to April 6 – enough time for me to explore KaohSiung for free! The Orange Line is expected to be open around August… Kaohsiung City does not feel so big anymore!

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

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