Privacy Policy

Pinoy Taiwan Guide values our website user’s privacy. To ensure that your personal information is secure and safe, we implemented the conditions stated in this privacy policy. Please take time to go through the conditions of this privacy policy so you will understand how Pinoy Taiwan Guide treats, uses, and protects your personal data.

Pinoy Taiwan Guide has the right to alter any part or the entirety of this privacy policy any time without notification. Thus, it is your responsibility to regularly check the private policy for changes and updates.

This privacy policy is applicable only to If you visit other websites and online resources through external links in the pages of this website or by some other way, then you have to adhere to the privacy policy conditions of those websites. Pinoy Taiwan guide cannot edit, manipulate, or control the privacy policies of third-party websites or resources.

Collection of Data
When you use this site, you may be required to share your personal information to achieve a variety of purposes. We also keep a record of the information you transmit to us to keep track of your correspondence with us. Information that we may ask from you may include but not limited to your birth name, mailing address, e-mail address, personal website, and contact numbers.

All information sent to us is kept in secure servers that need several levels of checks to access. In addition, the information is password-protected and encrypted to protect your data from unauthorized intrusion and extraction.

However, sending data through the Net inherently carries a risk of interception. It is not entirely secure no matter how comprehensive the measures are. Thus, Pinoy Taiwan Guide does not guarantee that the data you send to us is entirely secured. You bear the risk of transmitting electronic data over the Internet.

Use of Personal Your Information

Your personal information may be used in the different ways:

• To provide you with data and services that you require from Pinoy Taiwan Guide
• To provide you with information and services that may interest you
• To provide you with information and services that you have subscribed to
• To execute obligations arising from any signed agreement between you and Pinoy Taiwan Guide
• To allow you to use the interactive features in our website
• To alert you about changes
• To instigate communication between you and Pinoy Taiwan Guide

Disclosure of Personal Information

In some cases, we may need to share your personal information to third parties to comply with legal obligations and to improve our service. In such a case, we will get in touch with you to ask for your permission.

When you first log in to Pinoy Travel Guide, our server sends and installs a cookie to your browser. The cookie helps us make your access to our website fast and effective. It also helps us gather statistical data for analysis so we can improve our services.

A cookie does not do anything to your machine. It is not an executable file, and it cannot extract information from your computer.

Adjust your browser settings if you don’t want to receive cookies. Note though that altering the settings might leave you incapable of accessing certain sections in the website.

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