Scooters, scooters and more scooters!

4986711850_4f501831f8_n One thing that I’ve noticed when I arrived in Taiwan is there’s scooters everywhere. It’s the most popular way to get around Taiwan. Parking problems? Traffic Jams? No Problemo! Not in Taiwan. You could fit about 4 scooters in a parking space (and road space) of a regular car. Check these out. It’s like a scooter wonderland!

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Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter is not your average tourist. He is a lover of tourism! This website is dedicated to his love for all things Taiwan. Ten years ago, he left his native USA and set out to trek as far as Asia and to many major Asian cities but ended up loving Taiwan. The beauty of the island and its rich cultural history are what drive Scott's passion even more to help others experience a memorable stay in Taiwan. This tourist is here to stay.