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Taipei’s Best Shopping Malls To Shop In

Taipei’s Best Shopping Malls To Shop In

Taipei has everything it could ever have that makes us love it so much and keep us coming back to it. However, the one that probably makes me want to go back there is the night market food. And of course, the shopping part. If you hadn’t figured it out already, we love to shop and Taipei’s got their best malls that makes shoppers want to keep coming back for more.

For example, they have:

Core Pacific Living Mall

The Core Pacific, additionally called the Living Mall, is among Taipei’s most well-known malls. Aside from its one-of-a-kind building style, there is a massive range of stores dealing with buyers no matter what financial status.

Taipei 101

In addition to the highest building in Taipei as well as providing some awesome breath-taking sights of the city, the stores at Taipei 101 are rather outstanding as well. With those going for Christian Dior or Louis Vuitton in the structure, you can experience your lush lifestyles for a day while shopping like crazy.

Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Bazaar

Longshan Temple is not just an old holy temple. This large underground shopping market is the best area to get traditional ornaments you will not find elsewhere. The highlight for all of us is absolutely the fortune tellers all over the place.

Taipei Handicraft Promotion Centre

After you get back from a lengthy trip, while everyone else constantly like to ask exactly how the journey was, they’re most likely just attempting to see if you have actually got them any type of souvenirs. Well, don’t fret, the Taipei Handicraft Promotion Centre could simply be the very best location to purchase some. The non-profit centre has a significant array of handicrafts on display that we are certain every relative, co-worker or friend will like.

Eslite Xin Yi

For the book lovers, we have not forgotten you, of course. Your expedition to Eslite Xin Yi, the largest bookstore in Taiwan could just be your favoured part of the journey. This 24-hour book shop lies near the Taipei 101 and we’d most definitely recommend getting hold of a book to check out before going up to the observatory to wait for the sunset.

Guanghua Market

If clothes aren’t your thing to shop, then head on to Guanghua Market, the ideal place for the people who are more into gadgets. The 6 story building has a mind-blowing variety of gadgets and other electronic products. For the techies out there, this place is definitely for you.

East Metro Mall

This massive underground shopping centre is home to affordable stores selling clothing, adorable novelty products and a lot more. Some claim prices right here are even less costly than night markets. Tourists that’re in for a food trip would have no worry discovering scrumptious choices here too.