Taiwan NT10$ Coin: Dr. Sun Yat Sen

A friend of mine showed me an unusual 10NT$ coin. At first, I thought it was a just another shiny coin, but upon close inspection, I found that it’s a bit different. The coin on the left is the regular 10NT$, the coin on the right is the shiny “unusual” one.

On the “face” side, the portraits are different too

The one on the left (the regular 10NT$) is Chiang Kai Shek. The one on the right (the shiny one) is Dr. Sun Yat Sen. I checked up the website of Taiwan’s Central Bank but did not find any information on this particular coin.
From the looks of it, it looks like a commemorative coin for the 90th anniversary of the Republic of China because it shows the date 1911-2001 (but it’s already 2008, now I’m confused!).

This, most likely, is a new coin because it has the security features of the 50NT$ coin (see below):

Anyway, I have yet to find any other information about this coin on the web. I’ll try to ask my Taiwanese friends if they’re familiar with it…

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

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