Taiwan Uniform-Invoice Lottery

I have been waiting for the right time to post this in my blog… and it has come – I just won 200 NT$ (about 6 US Dollars) in the Taiwan Uniform-Invoice Lottery! Well, it’s not really that much. It took me more than a hundred receipts before I got lucky. All you have to do is KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!

The receipt number is your “ticket” to the Taiwan Uniform-Invoice Lottery. There’s also a line on top which will tell you the draw “month”. In this case, my receipt shows “9-10″ (hard to see on the picture below, but

you’ll easily find it in your receipt).

Once you know the draw date, you should check that section on Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance Website:

The Grand prize is 2 Million NT$ (Wow! gotta keep those receipts!) – just one winning number.

  • The First prize is 200,000 NT$ (still great!) – three winning numbers.
  • Second prize is 40,000 NT$ (last 7 digits on any of the 1st prize numbers).
  • Third prize is 10,000 NT$ (last 6 digits on any of the 1st prize numbers).
  • Fourth prize is 4,000 NT$ (last 5 digits on any of the 1st prize numbers).
  • Fifth prize is 1,000 NT$. (last 4 digits on any of the 1st prize numbers).
  • Sixth prize (last 3 digits on any of the 1st prize numbers). Yeah, I got the sixth prize…

You can claim your prize on your nearest post office – ChungHwa Post.

Do not forget to bring your ID, and fill up the back with your name, address and phone number (yeah, instructions in the back are in chinese so get some help)

200NT$ is a small amount, but
hey, at least I get something back. It’s an incentive from the Taiwan
government to make sure you are buying from tax-paying establishments.

Merry Christmas To All!

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Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter

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